About us

We started Barrel + Ink because we think the establishment is broken. Wine culture is pretentious and exclusive, and Big Wine is boring. Our goal isn’t to fix the industry. We just want to be the weed that sprouts up in the cracks.

How did we plant this weed? We started exploring. We searched for the weird, the wallflowers, and the rebels. We drank a lot of wine, and we didn’t spit any of it out. And we decided to blend our wines with a little bit of insanity.

Our wines taste different. We give the keys to the best winemakers on the planet and then tell them to drive the car off a cliff. We ask them to embrace risk and invent something original, and the results are delicious.

Our wines look radical. We enlist iconic designers to imagine our labels, and their creations are bottles you’ll keep long after the contents have been consumed.

With each of our limited releases, we’re writing a story of revolution. In the words of the late, great Prince, “Let’s go crazy.”