Social Responsibility

From the very conception of Barrel + Ink, we have been committed to sharing its success by supporting causes that matter deeply to us. Just as Barrel + Ink is a celebration of human creativity, we know that inspiring, new ideas will begin to make a meaningful impact on the human condition.

We believe in the power of creative expression to connect, empower, transform, and heal. And we believe that this power can improve complex social issues, including mental illness, homelessness, and substance abuse. Because these are interrelated, multifactorial subjects, we understand that there will be no one solution.

We are excited and encouraged by emerging work suggesting that harm reduction, de-stigmatization, and access to stable living conditions can have profoundly positive effects on these issues. And that such initiatives benefit our society as a whole, as well as the individual.

Barrel + Ink donates 5% of all proceeds to organizations working to address these pressing issues. And as our business grows and develops, we will continue to implement creative strategies to support change and our community as a whole.