Our Team

We are a team of experienced creatives, engineers, and entrepreneurs who share a passion that lies at the intersection of wine and design. We invite iconic and award-winning winemakers + designers to collaborate with complete creative freedom and share their stories of craftsmanship and passion with the world.

Corey Miller

Corey is skilled in the science of winemaking and the art of building a business from the ground up. An MD/PhD student-turned-winemaker (and a very long story), Corey conceived of Barrel + Ink in 2011 while making wine commercially in a Berkeley co-op. Today he leads our team and always begins each meeting with a wine lesson.

Marta Harding

Marta is a master of design, branding, illustration, and selecting the perfect wine for any occasion. She’s a Southern soul who has charmed brands such as Target, Williams-Sonoma, and Papyrus with her stunning work and has traveled the world as a Communications Designer at IDEO. Marta inspires and guides all creative decisions.

Chris Saylor

Chris is a chemist by training and a full-stack software engineer by blood, sweat, and tears. He has over a decade of experience writing clean, elegant code and a lifetime of experience pursuing all things fermented, distilled, and cooked over an open flame. A certified Divemaster, Chris is the perfect match to dive into all things technical at Barrel + Ink.

Kristin Kelly

Kristin is a creative with a catchy nickname (KK) and a knack for asking insightful questions that help her tell memorable stories. She’s a connector who cares deeply about authentic relationships and a restless instigator for big-picture thinking and strategic planning. KK is a proud Texan who gives Barrel + Ink a voice, minus the accent.

Joshua Harding

Josh is a passionate photographer and videographer who sees the world through a multi-talented lens. His love for capturing rich narratives and meaningful moments can best be seen in his work with people, the outdoors, and food. Having spent his childhood on the Eastern Shore, today his favorite joys are a good burger and a glass of red wine by the Bay.

Claire Beniga

Claire is a digital experience designer and strategist committed to keeping the user at the center of the creative process. Her fascination with what makes people tick underlies her ability to make insightful UX decisions that drive engagement. A yoga instructor who hails from Hawaii, Claire’s calming spirit is a perfect complement to our team.